American buff geese sounding alarm


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Aug 7, 2019
I have 2 female buffs, i got them last July. They wanted nothing to do with people when I got them but have made drastic improvements and have become much friendlier. Ever since I moved my tufted buff gosling and some ducklings outside the geese have mostly only been interested in them, for example when they free range they sit outside the run and talk to them rather than walk around eating grass. The real issue is every morning when i go out to the birds the geese scream the same way they do at 3 am when a occasional black bear rolls through. I plan on merging them but was gonna wait until the Gosling is bigger. Anyone have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
If you find a way to keep Buffs from screaming, I will be delighted to hear it. I adore Gussie and Golly but they are seriously noisy drama queens, triggered by anything and everything that displeases them, including my reluctance to come out and feed them before sunrise.

I think it's cute that they want to talk to your young ones. My girls like to walk up behind my runner ducks and march them across the yard for no apparent reason. They prefer hissing at my chickens, unless more than one hen turns at a time. Then my beautiful bullies flap their wings and run.

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