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Yesterday we went to pick up a pair of 11-month-old geese . . . they were advertised as American Buff, and the thumbnail looked like a grown American Buff. However, when we put them in with our 7 goslings from Metzer hatchery, they looked very grey. The goslings are two different ages -- 3 are 6 wk olds, and 4 are only 3 wk olds . . . so that is why some are smaller and fuzzier. Their baby feathers are a much more buff color than the adult geese -- and not having a Toulouse to compare them too, it may be that the grown geese are completely normal for American Buff. I was expecting to look at them and think -- oh, a brown goose, and so far the two adults remind me more of the Toulouse goose I had as a child. The pictures that I took however, make it hard to tell the color difference, as today was our first totally sunny day for weeks. I'll try again tonight.

I am really just curious. The adult pair (named Coco, and Voom-Voom , apparently the gander moves fast. I think we'll be changing that name) are sweet, well behaved geese, that adopted all 7 goslings almost at first sight. I really wanted them to keep an eye out for the goslings in a couple weeks, when the 3 wk olds have more feathering on their backs and we stick them in the fenced orchard with our obnoxious Pekin drake (who may be gone by then, but we'll see). I am so impressed by how well they get along with the babies, the goose has apparently laid eggs and tried to hatch them out, but not succeeded. Their first owners were Russian and so I don't know where they got the geese from. If they turn out to be more Toulouse colored, that will just be fun since we'll always know who they are. And, I might get goslings next year, instead of having to wait for two . . .

Thanks for any thoughts, and really, I just love my geese, whatever color they are : ) I will love them even more if I don't have to mow the orchard with the push mower . . .

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Feb 19, 2011
Suffolk, UK
Hi, a lovely group but your adults do look like Grey Toulouse. You'll enjoy them just the same and a lovely breed of goose


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