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    Jan 7, 2016
    Phoenix Arizona
    Recently I started to work on my urban farming. The first critters I've gotten are American Chinchillas rabbits, they're a heritage breeds and nearly extinct. While I do plan on using themy for meat and fur I plan on helping keep the breed alive. The pair I got today are very pretty and the male is docile, even curious while the gal is more skittish. I hope to get the two a little more acclimated to me.

    I want to add another doe to my... fluffle? Is that the actual term? I want to start small, just the two ladies and one man and culling the less favorable but keeping the high quality ones for breeding or selling so others can establish their own lines.

    Right now in Arizona there are only a handful of am-chin breeders and the genetic stock is of course not too diverse. So down the line I'd like to see about getting some in from other states (other than Cali, also lots of relations there).

    Can anyone suggest a good breeders tracking app or website or program? Hopefully free because I'm disabled my income is tight. Thanks in advance!

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