~~American Serama Chicks~~10 chicks, ages 1-6 weeks

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    Up for bids are 10 American Serama chicks. These are from my flock, someone local was supposed to take them but backed out.

    Obviously, it is impossible to tell earlobe color on these yet, but all of my birds had red earlobes, only a few had white centers in their lobes. I didn't notice anyone with 'odd' legs, so I'd say they all have yellow legs.
    I will start feeding these little guys tomatoes so they will know what to eat while on their journey. I will also include a heat pack in their box. It looks like at least 5 are males so far.
    Here are some pics, ignore the big black ones, those are BCM going to pbirdhaven [​IMG]

    The little 'white' ones will not stay white but could be primarily white with color spots. Most of these chicks looked 'white' when they hatched [​IMG]

    Shipping is based on your zip code plus $10 for the box. I only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays (preferably Tuesdays) to hopefully ensure live birds don't get stuck sitting somewhere over the weekend. Any questions please ask.

    I can combine shipping on any of my listings except for the button quail (different type of box), up to 4 boxes. Chickens can be combined up to 4 boxes. These chicks will all ship in the same box.
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