American Serama pair~~"Birchen"

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    1 pair of Birchen American Serama. They are not 'perfect' colors, but birchen is the closest to what they are. Hatched in either January or February of '11.

    I don't know the weights of either bird but will be weighing birds this week.

    Male appears to have 'pink' (flesh) or light yellow legs and red earlobes; female has swarthy legs and red with white (NOT enamel white) earlobes.
    I'm not 100% sure on this, I will get a better look at them and verify colors of ears and legs)
    **UPDATE**Male has 'flesh over yellow' legs, they look yellow but are very light. Female does have white in her ears but it is more of a 'tinted eggshell' color and not an enamel white**

    Shipping is based on your zip plus $10 for box.



    Not sure what else to say, any ?? please ask!
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