American Serama pair~~'Buff'~~12.5 oz. & 14.0 oz.

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Up for bids is one American Serama pair. The cockerel is similar to a cocopop pattern, pullet resembles a black-tailed buff. As of today, cockerel weighs 12.5 oz. and pullet weighs 14.0 oz.
    Male has yellow legs and red w/white ears. Female has red ears, legs appear to be green but I will check again to make sure.

    These are not my birds, I am selling them for a friend. However, payment will come to me and they will ship from my address.

    (I will try to get better pics of the pair tomorrow, they were wanting to go to roost [​IMG])

    Shipping is based on your zip code plus $10 for the box. I only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays (preferably Tuesdays) to hopefully ensure live birds don't get stuck sitting somewhere over the weekend. Any questions please ask.

    I can combine shipping on any of my listings, up to 3 boxes.
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