American Serama Pairs Available


Aug 23, 2015
About my Serama's:
Their mother is a black laced and their father a black white yellow dappled wheaten color way.
Both are pet quality and are C class Serama. However, with every batch of hatchlings, there are many different sizes. Their father is a sweetie who has never charged at me or pecked me.

Serama's for sale:
Born July 6 2016, these little guys are 1 month old and almost fully feathered out. They have never been raised indoors, to make them more hardy.
I have six young adults for sale, 3 roosters and 3 hens. All are partridge pattern, but in a variety of colors.
$30 for a pair.
I live in Amarillo Texas and I travel once a month to Lubbock and Odessa so I can always bring a pair with me.

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