Americana chicks


9 Years
Oct 19, 2010
I have six Americana chicks about 2 weeks old.Five are fine but 1 has no feathers around its neck,Is this normal,Will feathers ever grow??????
Sounds to me like you have five Easter Eggers and 1 Naked Neck.. *yes, it is a breed* ... or perhaps a Showgirl!
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Your right I have a naked neck,,I just looked at the pictures in breeds,Thank you,,,I have alot to learn,I am very new to all of this
Fourhupp - also as information, there's no breed named "Americana". That's a common misspelling for a breed that's actually named "Ameraucana". If you bought your chickens from a hatchery, then you probably don't have true Ameraucanas, you probably have Easter Eggers (similar to, but not the Ameraucana breed). I have Easter Eggers too; they're great chickens!
I just got a shipment from Welp last week and one of my chosen breeds were advertised as Ameraucanas (don't they lay blue eggs?). Anyway, I figured I'd buy some EEs in a couple weeks because I really wanted them too. When the shipment came it said ...

3 Ameraucana (green egg). Ummm? Easter Eggers? I'm just asking because I'm new at this.
Yup, Hatchery "Americanas" or Araucanas are EE's, they still lay blue-ish eggs, but aren't recognized By the A.P.A. as a breed or a bird of either Ameraucana or Araucana.
I have 2 EE hens and they have to be the most comical and personable chickens I have at the moment, They run across the yard to greet me whenever I come outback and beg for treats, My friends and family think it's hilarious. Even though not pure, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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