Americana Hen Moaning & Chirping at Night...?

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  1. This is not normal--she has never done it before--but I don't know if it's just an upset stomach or the start of something more serious. She is about 3 years old is the only one that has been sick in the past, but she looks great these days. She was also chirping pretty loud for awhile but has stopped now. I thought it could be a chicken sneeze, but I really don't know. The moaning is synced with her breathing, like snoring, but it sounds more like she is just hurting...? It all started about 7:00 PM after they were on the roost. Any experience with this? Thanks!

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    I had a chick that chirped when she had bad coccidiosis. Dunno if that's helpful...
  3. Thanks for you input. The hen seems fine now. She did this moaning as a chick and a couple other times, but this time seemed a bit worse. My wife and I think it may be something like asthma, but we really don't know. She just starts moaning with every breath and sometimes goes into these chirping/sneezing fits for 5 minutes... We are focusing on keeping the coop really clean and vented, so hopefully that helps.

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