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Feb 9, 2012
Reno NV
Here in the Reno NV area Americana chickens do not lay well or at all during the winter. We are about 5000 feet with harsh winters. Teen temp are the norm. Single digits almost as often and below zero a little every year. All the people I talk with that raise chickens tell me the same. Their Reds, pure breed and hybrids slow during the winter but still lay well. Other hardy pure breed, dual purpose birds lay almost as much. The Americana’s have already stopped and don’t restart laying until April is what I hear. From what I can tell they come from local feed stores that buy from Privit and Ideal. Murray Mcmurray list on their web site 250-300 eggs per year which is better than many of the heritage breeds according to their numbers. The heritage breeds out lay the Americana chickens here though. Do the Americana hens from Mcmurray lay well in cold climates for any one? I wonder if they have a better cold hardy laying hen than other hatcheries. Has any one Americana’s from McMurray in cold areas? What is your experience?
I had 6 Ameraucanas from McMurray and they laid perfectly all through several Vermont winters because I extended their day with a light bulb on a timer. Some breeds do well through the winter, others need help...

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