Americanas/Aucaunas and Americaunas

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  1. Can anyone explain the difference between the
    Americana/Aucauna breed and the Americaunas?
    I am assuming one is the purebreed and the other was developed with maybe a Bantam and Purebred?
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    True araucanas are hard to breed. To have true araucanas they have to be rumpless and tufted and lay blue eggs. Ameraucanas are hard to find most hatcheries sell mostly EEs under the names of Aracuanas and Ameraucanas. Anything that is not an official recognized color in either breed are considered Easter Eggers especially if they lay green or other shades of brown and red.
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    The difference is people can't spell.
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    Evening Shade, Ar
    wow, vamp-a-bully,

    that was very helpful.

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    Typically the one's who can't/don't spell it right are selling easter eggers (the mixed breed).

    The problem is that hatcheries are selling a product with the wrong label on it, thus causing all of this confusion. There are only 2 standard breeds approved by the APA and in most cases hatcheries don't offer either one of them.

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    Check out the ABC-Ameraucana Breeders Club. And the Araucana Club of America

    If you don't plan on breeding them and you only wnat green or blue eggs then EE are great birds.. Most are friendly and hardy breeds.

    Most of the hatcheries sell EE under the misspelled names--It's really false adver. and I am surprised that they aren't held accountable. Breeders of both breeds work hard to maintain the standard listed for these breeds.
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    AMERAUCANA -- Blue-egg laying breed that is tailed, has muffs & a beard, and has a pea comb. Comes in several standardized color varieties (meaning that they must have a particular plumage color and pattern, leg color, and skin color).

    ARAUCANA -- Blue-egg laying breed that is rumpless, has ear tufts, NO muffs/beard, and has a pea comb. Comes in several standardized color varieties.

    EASTER EGGER -- Mixed breed that most commonly lays blue, green, or brown eggs. Traits such as comb type and beard/muffs may vary. No standard color varieties. I would bet that about 99% of birds sold as "Araucana" or "Ameraucana" are really Easter Eggers.

    AMERICANA/AMERICAUNA -- A misspelling of "Ameraucana." "Ameraucana" is not supposed to have an "i" in it. Some people use these misspelled versions of "Ameraucana" to mean "Easter Egger," which makes things even more confusing.

    My webpage has a more detailed explanation and pictures:

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