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    Apr 8, 2016
    What breeds are crossed to make americana chickens. I was just wondering because I have one.
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    "Americana" is just a hatchery term for Easter Eggers. They're just birds that lay blue or green or brown eggs. Usually they are made by crossing some ameraucana blood into another breed to get the egg color. Otherwise, who knows what could be in there.
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    Jun 22, 2013
    Exactly this. An easter egger is a general term for a hybrid bird that lays colored eggs. An Ameraucana or Araucana is an actual recognized breed, with breed standards and everything. Do not get the two mixed up. A lot of the time people will sell easter eggers as ameraucana, but you can tell they are not pure due to various traits such as longer back, wrong coloring, etc.
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    Actually no breeds were crossed to make the Ameraucana breed. They were developed from blue egg layers originating in Chile, the original Easter Eggers. They probably did breed in some breeds to get the colors, but that's a guess on my part. This article explains it pretty well and clears up a lot of misconceptions.

    While EE’s can be made by crossing something with an Araucana or Ameraucana, a lot are not. Some hatcheries are selling colored egg laying chickens from flocks they had before the Ameraucana was even a breed. There are some people on this thread that are very knowledgeable about the Ameraucana breed and EE’s. One person active on this thread helped develop the Ameraucana breed. Talk about an authority.

    Something that adds to the confusion is that many hatcheries still call their colored egg laying flocks Americanas or something close when the birds they have are not the Ameraucana breed. Some even say Ameraucana. I don’t think they’ve changed the marketing name since the 1970’s.

    RDFarms, I don’t know where you got your bird. I really hope it lays blue or green eggs for you but it’s not really a breed. Calling it an Easter Egger is probably the clearest description for it. An EE is just a chicken that might lay a blue or green egg.
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