Americauna and Black Australorp - color of eggs??


7 Years
Feb 7, 2012
I know that our 2 Americauna lay blue eggs and the 4 Australorp should be laying brown eggs, but some strange things seem to be happening. The BA started laying in the beginning of Sept 2012. I was really expecting to have a lot more eggs from them by now, since they are known as good layers - we get 1-2 per day from the 4 of them. The Americauna are 4 weeks younger and just started laying about 2 weeks ago. This week we have been getting 2 blue eggs EVERY DAY! I didn't think they were supposed to be that good of layers? I'm wondering if it is possible for the BA to lay a greenish colored egg? Today they were locked in the coop, but the Americauna were outside (the BA get bullied so I was trying to give them some peace while they were laying). Anyway I went out to check on them and one was sitting on a blue egg! I guess it's possible that I didn't see the egg when I locked them in, although it was right in the middle of the coop. Just seems strange that we're getting more blue eggs than brown. Anyone ever had excellent Americauna layers? Thanks for input!!
My EE has been a great layer. EE's are crosses and crosses tend to lay well.

As for the green egg - it's from one of your EE's, not your Australorp. Brown eggs cannot change to green. But blue eggs can change to green. Green eggs are a blue egg with brown spray paint.

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