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May 17, 2018
I got these 2 chicks at the local feed store and it said they were Americauna. Unfortunately they were both cockerels so I can’t keep them but want this color in a pullet. Anyone know what color this is and would a pullet look similar? (Minus tail feathers of course).


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They’re Easter eggers, so their coloring is mixed. I would call them gold/silver split columbians with leakage. The female version of that coloring would be messy silver columbian (hens can’t be gold/silver splits). They would basically look the same, but probably with more black patterning. Also, they would probably lack the red, unless they had autosomal red, which isn’t common in EEs.
There is a breed called Ameraucana, but unless it is spelled that way, it is not a purebred. You will find mixed-breed chickens that are really "Easter Eggers," basically mutts, available at feed stores for a few dollars each, but if you want a true Ameraucana you will pay much more for it. Incidentally, I love my Easter Eggers and would not be without them. Lovely birds.
He is a mixed breed with a mixed color. Even if you bred him with a hen that “had the same color” he would make cockerel chicks with a different one. And the pullets wouldn’t look like Mum.
EEs are mutts.
They don’t breed true or have standard colors. You might find some in solid colors, and those would be white, blue, black, splash, etc. Still mutts tho.

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