Americauna Hen with Pale Comb, Feather Loss & Yellow Poo


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May 18, 2013
Background: I have 1 fenced in acre, and all my chickens free range during the day, and stay in the coop at night. My favorite hen (the sick one) has always been pecked on by the others in the coop. Over the last few weeks, all my chickens have molted.

This particular hen just seems to be losing feathers though -- not quite like molting. She's not bald anywhere (we went through that already this summer with the same hen), but the feathers are ratty looking on her wings, and her long tail feathers aren't there.

She pooped yellow the other day, and I assumed this meant she had worms, so I did the paste treatment of ivermectin. I was told this wouldn't work, so I'm waiting until next Sunday so I don't overdose them, and doing the Wazine?

Yesterday I noticed her comb was VERY pale compared to the others.

She is free ranging today and active around the yard. . .just doesn't look too hot.

What could be causing this?
You could post a picture of the droppings. cecal poops (every8-10) poos are these--can look yellow and foamy, but so can worm poops. E.Coli infections can have bright mustard yellow poops. If i were you I would worm with Valbazen cattle wormer or Safegard liquid goat wormer. Wazine only gets large roundworms, and Valbazen gets all chicken worms, and Safgard gets all of the common ones minus tapeworm which is more rare. Have you checked all over for mites and lice? There is also a feathermite that destroys feathers. Here is some info with good feathermite pics:

If you would like to look at normal and abnormal chicken poops (and who wouldn't) here is another page of the same site:
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I've seen yellow poo in a few of mine and sometimes it's fixed with a simple worming, but other times they need antibiotics, Is she eating?

Yep, she's eating just fine. Yesterday, she pooped what looked just like berry buds. . .like whatever she ate didn't digest fully? She's acting completely normal. . .just pale and lack of full feathers.

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