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Hi folks,

I have a flock of around 350 Americaunas producing all varieties of colors of eggs - blue, olive, pink, etc. I'm looking to replenish the flock with about 25 hens every quarter and, since I have a few roosters in the group, thought I would just hatch my own instead of having to buy new chicks from hatcheries. My question is - what color eggs can I expect to get as these would be 2nd generation (and eventually 3rd and so on) Americaunas? My customers love the different colors so I want to maintain that as much as possible. Anyone have an experience with this?
Well, that all depends entirely on what genes the father would carry. If you hatched a green egg and the male carried the gene for brown, you could expect an olive color. Think of it kind-of like painting. If you get two copies of the blue, you'd get blue. Mix some green and brown, you'll get olive. For the best results, if you want colored eggs, only hatch eggs from the colors that you want. You'll have a better chance getting birds that lay green and blue eggs from green and blue eggs since mom does contribute one of those genes to egg color. However, dad may throw in some colors that you weren't expecting. Good luck!
Thanks for the reply! We kinda like all the colors so that's not a concern. We were more worried that the colors would disappear into just whites and browns as the original heritage breed genes start to ween out. Any chance of that happening? I don't know which ones would be the dominant ones....
getting all of those eggs colors you have Easter Eggers not Ameraucana ( ) and will continue to get a rainbow of egg colors as long as you keep using EE roosters or if you add a pure bred Ameraucana roo to the mix.
Thanks for the reply and the link. I never quite knew the difference - but now I do! And I'm glad to know we'll still get all the colors and so will our customers

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