Americauna vs Araucana


8 Years
May 30, 2011
Hereford, Arizona
So I got this gal yesterday. Was told that it was an Aracauna. But she has a rump and tail feathers so I am thinking she is an Americauana. Any thoughts?
She is docile and friendly and loves to be held.

Amaraucana's and Araucana's are totally different breeds. What you have is an Easter Egger.

P.S there is no "i" in Ameraucana
So now I am confused.
"Amaraucana's and Araucana's are totally different breeds. What you have is an Easter Egger."

From what I have been able to research and read the EE is considered a 'mutt' breed from a mix of the above.
So if mine is a EE then she is not an Araucana or Amaraucana , she is a mutt breed??
Is this correct?
EEs are not necessarily Ameraucana x Araucana. Araucana are quite rare and you almost certainly will not find them with someone who doesn't know what they are or calls them Ameraucana or Americana, etc. Araucana have yellow skin.

Ameraucana are popular, tailed, bearded and muffed (chipmunk cheeks) that lay BLUE eggs (two genes, no brown + blue) and only come in eight specific colors. Ameraucana have white skin.

Mixing of these specific colors or crossing Ameraucana with a standard laying breed, which hatcheries do to increase production, frequently results in green eggs (brown + blue), green legs and an entire range of random coloration. Some large hatcheries probably are now crossing these cross-breeds to each other, resulting in some birds without muffs or beards or blue/green eggs - you'll notice some hatchery sites stating the "easter eggers" laying a range of colors from blue to brown to cream/tinted.

Your girl could possibly a blue wheaten Ameraucana, but if the person you got her from called her Araucana, I would seriously doubt that.

Either way, she's gorgeous!!! Congrats on a beautiful bird
I purchased an Aracauna at Orschlin store , suppose to be hatched 4/4/12. I picked out one with the largest comb hoping for a Roo. Now I'm not so sure.

Tried getting a good picture of the comb, but the sunlight wasn't cooperating. Any thoughts as to this chicks gender? Foster Momma is in bottom right corner.

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