Americaunas haven't laid one egg EVER!!!


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Jun 7, 2009
I got my chicks back in the spring, around the first week or so of May. They have been well fed, watered and in general, very well taken care of! They need to start laying soon,'s BBQ time! OK...just kidding, but why aren't they laying? There are 2 roosters in their coop with them...will this affect their laying?
I have never seen the roos paying any attention to the girls.

My son just posed this question...could they be laying and eating the evidence???
Most of mine came from a breeder..he told me most of his don't begin laying until around 8 months old...his are true Ameraucana's though not EE unless he bred for the EE's. However 20 weeks is young for most breeds to be laying with the few early laying exceptions...
Patience the eggs will come
all my hens are from mid April and I am not sure if they ALL are laying yet. There may be about 3 that are not. Give it time. they should be soon. Are their combs/wattles red? If the roosters aren't giving them the time of day, it sounds like they may not be ready to lay yet.
We got our chickens the same week and none of them our laying yet. I'm not expecting eggs for another few weeks to a month. It's hard to be patient, but the payoff will be awesome.
Yep, my pullets are around the same age, some of the Golden Comets are laying, not all though, and the EEs are not yet laying at all.

Just sit back and feed them some grapes, it's such fun to watch them jump for them and squabble over em. You relax and they will too!

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