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Ameruacana Rooster or Danish brown leghorn? Help me decide...

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by chickens really, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. I am hauling all my Cockerels to the Farm in Saskatchewan.
    I am trying to pick the best Rooster..I need advise on the two breeds.
    Blue Splash Ameruacana or Danish Brown Leghorn.
    I know the hens, but never have owned either Rooster. What breed has the calmer Rooster.
    I am not a Rookie so don't need advise on Rooster behaviour. I know Roosters in general. I need help picking.
    My flock consists of Ameruacana, Danish Browns, Orpington and Speckled Sussex.
    Both roosters are young, 8 weeks old. Very pretty Roosters.
    I tried posting picks but my computer wont down load them....

    I am interested in what and why people would chose one over the other?
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  2. Broken Yoke

    Broken Yoke Hatching

    May 12, 2015
    We had an Ameraucana rooster and he was a wonderful addition to our medium sized flock. We had Silkies, and Ameraucana hens that he protected in the mountains of East tennessee. I vote for the Ameraucana, they are a wonderful species to keep.
  3. I am leaning that way, I think?
    He is a very stunning Cockerel...Looks like he is Denim blue. Hard to get a Blue splash Ameruacana around here.
  4. Broken Yoke

    Broken Yoke Hatching

    May 12, 2015
    OOH Yeah! The elusive 'Blue Splash Roo' (great name for a band[​IMG]) would be awesome! Congratulations on your opportunity to get one. Post some pics when he gets tucked into his new digs if you don't mind. We miss ours, he had to stay behind when we moved to Washington State.
  5. I have 2 Lavender Americauna, both cockerels and so far they are the calmest (not quietest) breed I have and my favorite. I vote for Americauna. And I believe you won't regret it. I have Blue/Black coming from a breeder in August. I would like to have a splash hen.

    That being said I haven't had experience with brow leghorns.

    Good luck!
  6. I will for sure post some pictures..He is already in his coop with the ladies along with my other Cockerel I can not decide on.
    He is a great looking Bird. Both have qualities I am looking for in a Rooster. Very undecided.
    Start your Band...
  7. TheTwoRoos

    TheTwoRoos Crowing

    Sep 25, 2015
    Doesn't matter on the breed.The breed will not choose who is better.What matters is who will be a better care taker,or who will have more respect for the hens and do his duties.

    Size,and looks do not matter.These roosters are too young to choose for sure who will make a better rooster wait till adolescents stage is here then choose.

  8. Breed does play a factor in this...Some breeds are more aggressive breeders, with people, with protecting the flock.
    I am looking for real answers from people with experience with the two mentioned breeds of Roosters not on Rooster behaviour in general.
    Thanks for the advise.
  9. This is my issue..
    I have 12 cockerels that are leaving tomorrow morning..
    I kept back two...Yes 8 WEEKS OLD. They are displaying Rooster behaviour. I do not want input on what Roosters do, I already know that. I want breed specific answers on how each breed is different with Hens people, and protection.
    Any info people can share with me on what their Roosters were like of these two breeds will give me a general rule as how I pick from the two.
    Thank you all for responding.
  10. Broken Yoke

    Broken Yoke Hatching

    May 12, 2015
    I have to agree. I have a Bard Rocks Roo that would like nothing more than to burry his inch long spurs deep into my leg repeatedly until I was a bloody mess! He and I have a Pink Panther/Cato Fong relationship. He sneaks up and acts like he is going to rip me apart and I chase him away with my broom or whatever else I have in my hand. He especially hates it when I torture him with my measuring tape. He finds it difficult to jab his spurs into the flexible steel band. (hilarious to watch) But he is the most dedicated protector of his hens I have ever seen. He got me once with those spurs, yikes[​IMG], he's fast! Our Americauna was a good protector too though... We didn't get to keep him as long as we have had Genghis, (thats what we call our Bard Rocks Roo) He's a hoot! lol I saw a gamecock once and from what I could tell, I would lean toward the opinion that breed is significant when choosing a roo. Those guys are wicked!

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