Amos... our 12 year old Blk Lab died a few minuets ago...

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Jun 29, 2009
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Amos had been a part of the Rush family for a lot of years...
He had a massive stroke a few days ago and was paralyzed from his shoulders down...

He was still so strong and eating but dragging himself around... This evening he seemed to have another stroke...

It's been raining here allllll dayyyyyy! And sometime during the day his house sprung a leak and he didn't won't to stay in there anymore. So... we made him a bed in front of his house and my wife covered him with a blanket. I prayed for the Lord to please take him, so that I wouldn't have to put him down... in the 5 min. it took me to go get a beach umbrella to put over him in case it started to rain again... he was gone

It's been a sad day at the Rush house. He protected our flock from predators and was such a big & strong presence, (almost 120lbs)even though we have coyotes all around, none ever came close to my yard! We'll have to depend on his girl (Puddin') also a Blk. Lab. He managed to father one last litter this past summer and I have a 10 week old puppy off of him (Amos' Sweet "Rose") I have a clumsy 1 year old Bassatt (Cool Hand "Luke") that does a wonderful job of sturring up my flock every chance "He" gets... Sorry for the long post... wanted to give Amos a little appreciation time here with my new friends on BYC...


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So sorry. It's always sad when we lose a member of our family. Thank you for giving Amos a long happy life.



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Aug 3, 2009
I am so sorry-the loss of a pet can be heartwrenching(been there, done that).
Sounds like Amos was one awesome dog.


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I'm so sorry you lost good Amos - he sounds like one-of-a-kind. I'm glad God answered your prayers and took him. Amos obviously had a wonderful home with wonderful people who loved him. My condolences to the Rush family. Rest in peace, good dog!


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Jun 26, 2008
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what a bitter sweet memory that has been made. God has given us charge over the animals. and you've done that. with grace and care. how beautiful.

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