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    Sep 9, 2011
    I have 8 golden comets that are laying strong. 8 for 8 daily, sometimes seven eggs a day. I have been filling the feeder and letting them eat at their will. Question is should I be measuring feed daily instead of feeding in bulk and letting them have at it. I'm concerned about possibly wasting food. Also how much should I give to 8 hens,and how often? once or twice daily? I see no sence in getting more poop and less eggs for my feed dollar.
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    Feeding portions takes a bit more fussing. Unless you are convinced you are having rodent, squirrel, wild bird or just plain old waste issues, there's no urgent reason to change.

    However, it you want to try portion feeding, you begin with a base-line supposition that 8 laying hens will eat 2 pounds of feed per day. Feed two pounds (use a pound can to measure) in the early morning. When you return to the hens later in the afternoon, see if the feeder is empty. If it is, provide a half pound. The objective is to not have feed laying out at night while the birds are asleep.

    If you find they cannot finish 2.5 pounds of feed in a normal day, you can cut back a few ounces. If you find they need more, feed more. You want them satiated, full. You do not want them to be underfed.
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    I have a 12# feeder that I just fill or keep feed in and let them eat. Am I wrong? I've never given it a thought and I do give them scratch in the morning or treats of veggies or bread.

    I suppose it's a good way to monitor feed, but I never imagined they'd eat like a human being. Just cuz it's there.
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    Quote:Portion feeding is about waste. Pure and simple. It is a flock management system. The chicken doesn't normally binge feed or over eat, although I've had a couple with an eating disorder. [​IMG][​IMG]

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