6 Years
Mar 3, 2013
1 of our hens is very sick from Coccidiosis as you would know if you have seen my other thread, and i'm wondering if it is safe to give the hen a higher dose of AMPROLIUM 200 then recommended on the container, as she's not getting any better after 7 days, the standard dosage recommended on the container is 240mg per liter of water (its in powder form), would it be safe to give her say 320mg per liter of water?

URGENT, Help would be very appreciated
The guy I taked to at Amprol said it's very safe and almost impossible do OD them on it, but don't quote me on that. Does your powder come with a scoop? What I mean is how do you know how much equals 240mg or 320mg? Scale? teaspoon? Just Curious... As for your sick hen, Is she drinking enough of the medicated water? If not, you could try giving it to her orally, the dose would be 20mg per kilogram (20mg per 2.2 pounds), I think.

yes it comes with a spoon and i used a scale and 240mg equals 1 liter of water and we have been force-feeding her the water at standard dosage
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