amprolium question - blindness in mammals?

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    I was talking to the breeder that I got my puppy from. I mentioned how big she was getting, blah, blah,blah, the usual puppy chat. I blamed her growth on the fact that she steals the chicken food and that this week, the feed store only had medicated starter. She freaked when she found out it contained amprolium. She said that she had used that in the past and it blinded some of her goats and that she heard of a horse that went blind on it. I, of course panicked and brought Willow to the vet for a Vit B shot (apparantly, amprolium binds with thiamine) and have started all the dogs on Brewers yeast just in case. Poor Willow, she's deaf and now I am worried that her thieving ways could blind her. Is this a possibility , or am I panicking for nothing. And, if it's possible, I want to warn everyone who feeds medicated food and owns dogs (the scavaging thieves!) so they can protect them.
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    There are quite a few websites (including the Merck Vet Manual) that mention that amprolium is not approved for dogs but they go on to say that it is effective for controlling coccidiosis in kennels. So I would guess that it wouldn't be a problem?
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    Seems like a question you should have asked the vet--why not call back and ask.
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    Actually, the vet looked it up and decided that the vit B shot couldn't hurt, so we went ahead and did it even though she's never heard of a problem with it. I also figure that the Brewer's yeast couldn't hurt and may do some good. We felt it was worth the effort, just in case. I was going off the panicked reaction of the breeder and what her vet advised her. I also thought I would mention it here in case any one had heard of that and to make everyone aware of a possible issue with it.
    My dogs seem ok, but since they are all special needs dogs, I sure don't want to add to their challanges. Life with them is challanging enough! lol
    Maybe I'm just worried because I'm afraid of over medicating anyone, although I understand that medicated feed has it's place. I just wanted everyone to be aware of something I heard and to have it proved or disproved.

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