An Amazing Miracle....

Silkie Nut

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Feb 15, 2012
Central Florida
I had woke up Tuesday morning to go and check on my chickens and I noticed something little Partridge Serama Rosie, was lying in the top of the coop, not getting up. She was still alive...but I thought she was going to die. I took her inside and put her in a little pet carrier in a quite room. I had to leave and was very scared to look at the results when I came home. I thought I was going to come home to see my little beautiful Rosie dead. When I came home later that afternoon, She was still alive. I took her out and she was in very rough shape. I was able to bring her out and give her water by having my finger dipped in water and then putting it in her mouth. She couldn't pick up her head and couldn't stand. I helped her all I could and put her back in the pet carrier. When I went to bed, she was in such a bad shape...I thought this was it. She was minutes away form dying. At around 4:50 in the morning (Wensday), my mother came in to my room. I heard a small, "peep,peep". and Saw rosie in her arms. She wasn't dead, infact my mother said...she was starting to stand. She was able to pick up her head all by herself. When I left the house in the morning, she was doing alright. When I came home in the afternoon..I was shocked. Rosie was walking all by herself. She was scratching around in the pet carrier and acting normal. I couldn't believe it. She acted as if the days before were just a distant memory. Rosie pulled through something with strength I didn't even know she had. She still continues to recover, but as of now, it seems she is going to make it.


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May 11, 2010
Chickens are amazing. Sometimes all they need is a little time to recover. Yay for Rosie!

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