An ambulance across the street?

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    Please pray for my neighbors. This morning I got up and saw flashing lights in front of the house across the street. It was an ambulance and a police car. I don't know what is happening, but the ambulance left and went in the direction of the hospital, which is 25 minutes away.

    When we moved in 7 years ago the people across the street were in their early 60's and retired. They were so nice, they used to walk together every day with their beautiful golden retriever.

    Now the wife has alzheimers(I hate that disease), and she is slumped in a wheelchair. He takes care of her, he has some home health care for her, and he sends her a few days a week to an adult day care. He is such a good husband to her.

    Well, this morning I don't know who was in the ambulance, but I think it was him. I only think that because the police officer stayed on the front stairs until someone else came to the house. If it was her in the ambulance, I would have seen the husband with the policeman I am sure.

    Please pray for them, they are good people and don't deserve this terrible disease. He is such a good husband to her, please pray that he/she is okay?
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    How sad. [​IMG] I hope and pray that all will be okay with them both.
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    Prayers sent. Alzheimers is a terrible disease for all involved.
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    Aww! so sad! [​IMG] Hope everything turns out okay! [​IMG]
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    I hope everything is ok, but don't get too worried! I'm an EMT and we take a lot of older or elderly people to the hospital and it could be something as simple as difficulty breathing, or some type of weird pain. My guess is, if it was the husband, then he probably wasn't feeling well enough to drive, and since his wife couldn't either, he called the ambulance. We see that a lot, and we are more than happy to transport them to the hospital, even if its just for a sinus infection, or a nasty cold so that they can get some relief.

    I sure do hope everything is ok though!
  7. Prayers being sent...[​IMG]
  8. nobody deserves to have a diseased brain, and I am praying for them both, and for you as well, for worrying about them.
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    my grandfather was in his his 70's when he died from it, my grandmother now in her late 90's is also suffering from it too. hope every thing is ok
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    Thanks for all the replies. I still have not seen the husband, so I think either he is still at the hospital, or it was his wife and he went with her to the hospital. My heart really goes out to them. He works so hard to keep her at home. He is elderly himself, and I am sure it is doing a number on his health and well being.

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