an idea for wintering over, tell me what you think...

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    Jan 9, 2009
    Hello BYC friends,
    I have a coop that is too small to winter my 31 beautiful birds and I can't afford to build more right now sooooo....
    My run is about 12'x16' and my plan is to make a straw bale "palace" for them in the run. I plan to build it 2 bales high (about 4') around their pop door 8' wide by 16' long with plywood top and 2 3'wide corplast (greenhouse rigid plastic sheet stuff I already have) so they have light. I plan to put a small kiddie pool "dirtbath spa" and maybe a couple of other playthings in there for them. my actual coop is 6x8, which worked well since spring and was enough for my original 15 birds but, the ladies were fairly prolific in this their first year and with the exception of several young aggressive banty roos (who will become a tasty broth soon) I have quite a flock of lovely girls and ladies, and one handsome gentleman of a EE roo.
    anyway, has anyone tried this "temp" insulated pen idea? I am in so. Idaho and the temps can get into single digits for some time, occasionally below 0*
    what do you think? entertainment ideas welcome too, these have free ranged all summer and already are getting cranky with each other because they are restricted to sheltering from the rain under brush and trees and motorhomes......

    Thank you,

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Greenford, Ohio
    I think it sounds like a great idea. It shouold keep them warm enough with extra room to walk. Good Luck
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    May 27, 2007
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    Can you put a ladder roost in your coop so that everyone can fit? Mine free range during the day. They have a choice between an 8x12 barn or a 5x5 coop. All but 5 of them cram into that coop to sleep.
    It seems very cozy in the winter. I think yours could sleep inside & use the run during the day.
    Good luck!
  4. ...and have you considered using some polycarbonate panels around the run? They would admit light and come in 4 x 8' sheets...

    Is your Coroplast a type of roofing, or for the top of the sides?

    I'm not sure what the base of your run looks like or even if such panels could be secured but it's one more idea. While straw could be used on 1-2 sides, keeping enough light on the hens could become an issue and if the birds are sleeping in the run ( coop space preferable) you may have to rethink your predator protection.

    Another option would be to fortify half of the run and leave the rest with some winter protection for the air and exercise.

    Some other thoughts, keeping in mind that I am much farther north
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