An old hen or not enough nutrition?

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    Again, i thank everykne who responds!
    I have a hen that seems to keep poop on her feathers regardless of how many times i ckean her off. I also beleive she is laying but cracking them as well, as though her shell is not getting enough calcium. She is the only one that has dirty bum if you call it that ( her feathers only, not her anus)! I have plenty of food and water, a mister and shade, good nesting boxes and lots of room, i feed them veggies when i can grass clippings, calcium in the coop for them with their egg shells mixed. It is hot here in st george ut (102 degress). Do i single her out, do i make soup , do i give her medicine (havemt seen anythjng in any poop though, other then the change cause its hot). Any thoughts.
    Again, she is the only one that has adirty bum. Maybe there is a different hen that is cracking eggs that im not seing. Would i see that on their bum? I dont know. Hope this makes since.....
    Chicken man

    Im not sure how old she is, i beleive ahe a hen i got from a afriend this spring. Àhe said she was about two ahe thought. Idk.....
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    could you trim her feathers closer around her bum, so they don't get so dirty. Is it because she is having very loose poo? Maybe she needs to have a worming, or something she eats isn't agreeing with her.

    maybe if you could put a wire barricade around her nesting box so she can't wander away- you would see if she had the thin shelled eggs and breaks them. Maybe she would do better with crushed oyster shell in a separate holder than she could eat free choice.

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