An Unsolved Mystery and the luckiest goat in the world!(LONG)

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  1. So, it was Saturday, this last Saturday, may 31st. I had agreed to help my mom move her stuff into my garage, lol, and I had gone to talk to my landlord, who owns the feed store next to my house and has livestock for sale there. When my son and I went over, two of our new twins tried to follow us, and they squeezed under the gate into his goat yard. My son told him they were there, and went to get them on the right side of the fence. I spent another 10 mins there and went to get ready to go to my mom's. about 15 mins after I left my house, my landlord calls and tells me he found one of my babies in his yard along the back fence (which is FAR from my property) He said it was a boy with a red head, white body. I thought it was Pugsley, one of the twins born last week,
    so I told him that he could put him over the fence, and he should be able to find his momma. Being the concerned mom I am, I hurried along with filling my car, and sped home to check my babies!! well, when I got into my yard, there were Pugsley and Wednesday, safe and sound with momma, so I started to get all the goats in the back so I could load the garage (they are not helpful AT ALL!!) I had just moved my car when I glanced by the fence joining my landlords property, and I saw this little guy
    I went frantically searching for all my girls and checked all their bottoms for signs of recent birthing...ALL were clean as a whistle. Only the 3 who had kidded last week were still a bit messy. I was in a panic, trying to get one of my girls to take him so he wouldn't die!! they ALL refused!! I even tried holding one down so he could luck [​IMG]
    Thinking back on this, if I could have seen myself then, I would have laughed!! I saw my landlord in his yard, and called him over. I told him it wasn't my baby. He couldn't find any of his does who had kidded either!!!! he said, well, he is yours!!! so I did the only thing I could. I took him inside and made him a bottle. His name is lucky, and he is a mystery, but I love him!!!
    Lucky, the mystery goat

    anyone have any ideas where he came from???
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    "anyone have any ideas where he came from???"

    A mommy and daddy goat? [​IMG]

    Sorry... I couldn't help it.
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    I have no idea where it came from, but I want one. I really want one.
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    Apr 16, 2008
    Cute story! I guess he is a blessing from heaven. [​IMG]
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    What a cute, LUCKY, little flop eared baby. I wonder where he came from?
  6. Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Well, as of yet, I haven't found any mommy goat!!! My latest theory, is he was abducted by aliens the day he was born, and they stored him in some kind of time warp that kept him the same as the day he was taken, then sometime that afternoon they decided to beam him back. OK so I have an overactive imagination....
    The lucky part of his name came from the fact that if my landlord had not had two people looking at goats to buy at that time, he would have died out there on his own!!! He ONLY goes to that part of the yard when there are buyers looking around, because there is no food or water on that side of the property. The goats come to the middle yard for food and water!!
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    Oh my goodness!! What a mystery!! That's crazy. Well you have to update us if you ever figure it out. In the meantime, enjoy your new little unexpected addition!!
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    May 20, 2008
    He had to have came from somewhere! How lucky are you! You get a cutesie little baby![​IMG]
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    "My latest theory..."

    I dunno, I like yours better!

    I like you tag line. My daughter has a shirt the says "Come to the Darkside - We have cookies".

    I can imagine yours saying "Come to the Darkside - We have cookies, and chickens, and goats, turtles, bunny, goose...".
  10. [​IMG] I have the petting zoo of the darkside!! [​IMG]

    I think I have sunken to the lowest level of my existence with this whole adventure though, I now find myself standing at the fence inspecting all the bums of my landlord's does!! I feel like I should be wearing a brown trench coat and dark glasses!! [​IMG]
    it is just sooooo odd, I CANNOT find his mommy!!!

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