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    May 12, 2007
    I Have A 8 mo. Anatolian she is a LGD for my goats who are in a separate part of the property from the birds, so when ever a chicken wanders over that way she barks and jumps around I know she would eat a bird like a snack if she could. Now there is a good sturdy fence to stop her but the barking and over all hysteria over a random bird pecking past her is getting old. We have done a good job training her to not chase goats and barn cats but those same tactics don't seem to work for birds. Anyone else have this problem? I have seen lots of pics and read plenty about Anatolians guarding poultry. Other than her chicken craving she is a wonderful dog very smart.
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    It takes time, she is a puppy. So she moves quick - chickens do not like quick movement as it generally means trouble, so chickens run. Running is always fun, so pup chases.

    Using a leash, start walking her around the flock - correct her for "playing" at or towards the chickens and praise her when she is calm and gentle around the birds. I would do this a few time a day, for weeks, or months depending upon your pup. Have her out, connected to you when you are doing chores around the birds. Your birds will become use to her also.

    I would not trust her with the birds off leash for weeks, not loose without your eyes on her for months. It takes time but is well worth it.

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