Anatolians are NOT obedient dogs...

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by watchdogps, Nov 13, 2011.

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    But sometimes they will do things to humor us silly humans! My oldest boy, Seven, and I tried our hand at rally obedience today. I entered on a whim just to see what we could do (note- I'm. Not new to obed, but haven't done any with the anatolians) Seven is almost seven yrs old and has never been trained for anything except conformation until I started training him for this two weeks ago. We did maybe ten mins a day, and missed a couple days bc I was sick.
    Well, we scored a 95 out of 100!
    That's one leg toward our title! It wasn't pretty and precise, but it worked, and you could tell he was amused by the whole thing, which he saw no point to. He was happy to please his mom though.

    Oh, and he was also trained with NO physical corrections, usually no leash, and a clicker.
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    The title says it all [​IMG]

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    Cool! Pictures??? [​IMG]
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    Quote:No flash photos while dogs are working. :-( we did get a pic w the judge and our ribbon though. Waiting on the camera owner to email it!
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    How fun! I really think they are gorgeous dogs and probably really fun to own. I also train with a lot of clicker and toy/treat reward for obedience. Good Job! The next question is: Are you going for a title on him then? [​IMG]
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    Quote:If I start it, I finish it! The only title I've left unfinished was my first schips Rally Excellent, and that only because he died of hemangiosarcoma after his first leg.
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    Good boy Seven!
    What fun! Good luck with the rest of your legs. I love the fact that he found it amusing....great job.

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