Ancient Silkie hen


Dec 12, 2015
I have a gorgeous jet-black silkie hen who I know is 16 years old. She is the sole survivor of a fox visit three years ago, which took all the other pensioner silkies. She lives happily with a small flock of Barnevelders (in a fox-proof run),

had not laid an egg for many years but is quite healthy and active.

But over this last month I am finding one or two bantam-sized pure white eggs each week in the nest, with the larger brown Bv eggs. These are obviously not Bv eggs and there are no other hens but the old silkie.

Is it possible for such an old bird to start laying again? I wouldn't have thought so,though I do know that silkies are long-lived (foxes excluded) but I never expected to see another little bantam egg. I will try to attach a photo of some eggs, showing the difference.

What is going on?



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Yes it is possible. A hen starts life with way more ova than she can ever possibly lay in her life so if she's healthy, she can lay occasionally.

A friend of mine had a silkie over 10 and she laid occasionally.

I'll have to remember this story because 16 is a wonderful number.

My oldest hen is a 6+ year old EE that survived 2 dog attacks and a raccoon attack. She still lays 5-6 eggs a week after her autumn/early winter break.

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