Ancona duck attacked by night prowler! Head injuries, please help us.

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  1. playsunnysea

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    Sep 16, 2011
    I found Juneberry cowering in her little doghouse this morning with dried blood and sluggish blood all over her head. She is not quite tame, so it was hard to clear away all the blood to see what her injuries are, and right now she is in a cat carrier with a warm towel to dissuade shock. It appears that she has a few bite marks on her head, and her right eye isn't dilating properly (slow or not at all), but she can blink it. Her attitude is a bit subdued from normal (a sassy little thing, normally) but she showed some pep when I was cleaning her up and after I placed her in her cat carrier, she tried to bite me, so I think if she is in shock at all it is mild, but I am keeping her warm and comfortable anyway. Should I apply some regular triple antibiotic ointment for humans? Can ducks handle the stuff in the over-the-counter tubes for first aid kits? The bite marks don't look deep, but she has blood coming out of her nostrils, very thick and sluggish blood (or maybe I am just seeing a clot, not sure).
  2. amberrichardsonn

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    Sep 15, 2011
    you can give them the antibiotics but, a very small dosage, dont give the duck the ammount you would give a human, just about a quarter of the regular dosage, or take the duck to a vet, may be pricey, but you want whats best for it:), im not a expert and dont know a great lot about ducks, but i hope this helps

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