Ancona Duck & White Rocks

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    I have Ancona eggs ready to be packed and ship to someones incubator. Mine is full, on the 10th day, all eighteen are progressing very well. My last hatch, of ten eggs, seven made it to hatching... and all but two have new homes. [​IMG]

    Shipping Priority mail is $10 and $20 for the 6 + eggs (you will receive more then 6... how many more will depend on the girls).

    Please message me if your interested. I can mail tomorrow after PayPal payment is received. Next shipping date will be Monday or Tuesday.

    My flock is Black and White hens and drake.

    I also have a dozen White Rocks (chickens) for $22, including shipping I could ship tomorrow. I will check back early in the morning to see if anyone wants these or the duck eggs. I will not ship later then tomorrow. Any orders after will be shipped Monday or Tuesday. Again, please message me and let me know if your interested.

    Thank you.
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