Ancona Ducklings for Sale (Heritage Breed)

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    Apr 16, 2011
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    Our Ancona ducklings are hatching today!! These ducks are bred from parents who live on a 4 acre pond surrounded by ample pasture. These ducks are extremely hearty and self-sustainable, we have not lost one to disease. We very minimally supplement their diet with natural non-medicated feed but the large majority of their diet (I would say over 90%) comes from their natural surroundings. These ducks are stick close to home and are very beautiful. They love being on our pond but are happy with just a baby pool as well! We also have one female that has gone broody and are hoping the other will soon as well. The ducklings are 6 dollars per duckling straight run. We have some hatching today and some hatching later in the week. Below is a picture of our parents on the pond. We are located in Silk Hope and you can pick ducklings up here. We would be open to shipping these as well if you would like us to ship one day old chicks, just contact us to make arrangements, the shipping charge will just be what it costs to actually ship them. We will also deliver for a small fee within 20 miles. Please do not click BIN Please call 919-742-0253, reply to this post or email with questions or if you would like to buy. You can also visit our website at
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