And 'Bird meets Santa

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  1. So, 'Bird wanted to go give his Christmas list to Santa. PetSmart was having Santa by for the day, and I decided to let him go sit on Santa's lap.


    "are we there yet Momma? huh huh huh???? I have my list with me!!! Santa! Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He rode in the car like such a good boy!


    "are we theeeerrrrreee yet? Hey, watch out for that goose in the road Momma!"


    "SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I want crumbles, and lettuce, and mealworms, and more mealworms... and .. and... and..... "


    And he was suuuuch a good boy!!! He made friends with a ton of kids who were just nuts over him. The manager took his photo with him and everyone just fell in love with 'Bird at Petsmart. I put him on the cart handle and we strolled around looking for treats waiting for his photo. It was so cute! We went to the cat treat isle and picked up a bag of kitty treats and chowed them down while we walked around. He was a piggy!!!!! He was still hungry when we left, so he went to McDonalds and they gave him a special treat too.
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    Lol! That's so cool that he rode in the car! He didn't poop???

    I love Bird!
  3. he pooped once in the car on the towel he was on, but i took a kleenex and picked it up. He never did in the petstore at all.
  4. LOL LOL!!! LOL! LOL! that is so funny Bird the Word is so pretty! and it's funny what he asked for! LOL!!
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    That's so awesome! Bird is amazing! :D
  6. salt and pepper

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    that's great =)
  7. kacklinkelly

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    That's awesome!:>
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    Awww, so cute. Its amazing how well they like car rides, mine love it. Santa needs to be less tense around roosters though....I'll put that on my letter to
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    Good for Bird! Although Santa looked a little worried. [​IMG]
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    Oh those pictures are just adorable, though I can understand Santa's unease. I doubt they have ever had someone bring in a rooster. And he was a good rooster not to attack the bright red suit.

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