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    NPR's "Sound Opinions" played Andy Cirzan's "The Cassette Years: Part II: 21st Anniversary Mix"

    You can download this awesome Christmas Music for free at

    the playlist:

    Side A Tracklist
    Holiday Sedation
    Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis
    Lonely Cowboy Santa – Larry Cartell
    Christmas Fever – Dick Freitus
    Santa’s Magical Bag – Charlotte Sanders
    Mars Wants Santa!
    Zoomah, the Santa Claus from Mars – Art Mooney Orchestra w/ Barry Gordon
    Happy Christmas – The Beatles
    Mr. Green Jeans & The Captain....
    Christmas On the Bayou – Vin Bruce’s Cajuns
    Winter Wonderland – the Harmonicals
    Sleigh Ride – the Soulful Strings
    Santa’s Stuck in the Elevator - ?
    Snowman Snowman Sweet Potato Nose – the Jaynetts
    I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – Justin Wilson, Cajun Chef

    Side B Tracklist

    Let’s Make a Christmas Record!
    Jingle Bell Mambo – Pete Rugalo Orchestra
    Just For You Christmas – the Golddiggers
    Good Good Boy This Year – Oliver J. Dragon
    Santa’s Coffee – Billy Beau
    Drunken Santa’s Come to Stay With Us…
    The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle – Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
    Sad Sad Xmas – the Soul Duo
    Peace & Love (at Christmastime) – David Frost Orchestra (w/ Frank Wess)
    First Noel – Chet Baker
    Sleepy Santa Interlude featuring Clem
    Snow – Claudine Longet
    Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Pete Jolly Trio
    Adios Boracho Amigos – Esquivel
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    Thank you!

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    Have you listened yet? I'm loving it!

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