And that's why I love baby chicks.

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    My chicks are two weeks old, and live in the dining area of my house. I went into the kitchen to make dinner, and hear loud cheeping -the chick-in-distress kind- from the other room. I thought it may have been the heavy rain, but there were thundershowers the first three days they lived at my house. I go in to check, and the peeping immediatley stops. I return to the kitchen. Another few minutes, it starts again. I return to the room. The peeping stops and they happily chirped quietly. I finally figured it out: they were missing me!! I'm so glad I'm more than "the hand" to my baby chicks. [​IMG]

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    May 1, 2011
    yeah - thats why i love them [​IMG]
    ive Just had hatch 2 baby bantams [​IMG]
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    Awww... [​IMG] Anymore, mine cheep incessantly while I'm sitting by their brooder unless I get one out. Then the cheeping turns to peeping for a while then returns to cheeping as the others realize that THEY are not the one that is out! [​IMG]
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    I love that! Feeling the love!
  5. I raised six chicks in my kitchen for three weeks back in the spring, before moving them to my sun porch, and I loved all but the dustiness. After that, I said no more chicks inside the main part of my house. I just had 33 chicks shipped today from Meyer hatchery and first I set up the brooder out on the sun porch, but I have since moved it, not only inside my house, but right by my recliner chair in my living room! Now I won't even have to go to the kitchen and stand over the brooder to watch my funny little babies!
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    Quote:U talk about all this cuteness and then don't post pics??? [​IMG] Must see pics of this cuteness!! [​IMG]

    Pretty, pretty, please??? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Aw [​IMG] The morning mine arrived from the post office my little EE did this, it was SO cute!

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    I will try to be a good daddy [​IMG]
  9. Forrest_Flock

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    And they will have a whole host of uncles as well [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I've all but forgotten all the bad parts and missed many of the cute ones. Next time they won't be housed in the spare bathroom. Who wants to hang out there!?

    Such a cute story! Thanks for sharing.

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