And why am I nervous? UPDATE! GOOD NEWS


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I don't know. Tomorrow is day 18 and I candled the eggs tonight. I can't see much but there appears to be a dark blob and then a fair amount of "space" at the bottom of the eggs. I can't see movement, but I couldn't with the other chicks. I'm just worried I have a bunch of quitter eggs.

I only have one with a noticeable blood ring. No, I didn't take it out. I put the incubator in the most constant temperature place and it has been at 100F constantly. Humidity is around 50% and I'm bumping it up for the last days.

Should I be worried? I haven't heard a peep from them either.
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Don't worry, sometimes I never hear anything until they start pipping on day 21, 22, etc. and I've hatched alot! This morning I woke up to 2 little silkie babies. I didnt hear anything from them last night even though one egg had a pip in it before I went to bed.
i got five silkies chicks hatch and didn t hear them , just notice thems when i was checking on the other eggs . these eggs i took from a partride silkies hen and put b/b/s maran eggs under her just like i did with 2 othersilkies hen i put b/b/s orp eggs under them . i have enough silkies this year and with red ,blue, black,buff white,partride and brown-red silkies i should have setting hens for next year.
Yeah that reminds me of the last black copper marans hatch I had too. I went to bed, no sign of pipping. I woke up and went and looked in the bator and there were 8 completely dried off chicks running around completely dry and playing. They were making these soft little cooing sounds and looked so happy I almost hated taking them out of there lol.
I just have this feeling like I did something horribly wrong to cause them to die.

Maybe I should've up the humidity?

Maybe I should've not candled them?

Sky, wait it out and see what happens. I put 5 in lockdown and candled them then and didn't see any movement either. You may have caught them resting. Today is day 21 for me and I have 5 eggs a peeping and two pips. I hadn't seen any of them move either. I did check them this morning
and glad I did. The second one to pip did it on the down side. The first pipped about 12 hours ago on the small end of the egg. That one may be shrink wrapped so I'm keeping a careful eye on it.
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Good news! I started hearing chirping yesterday and today, I have a pip!

I know at least 2 of the 8 have chicks because another egg has been rocking and chirping as well.

I also looked at the Merriam turkey eggs. I have at least two out of the four beginning to develop!
Patience is a virtue, but not a possibility when waiting for chicks to hatch.

Glad you are having success hatching,


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