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    Jul 4, 2010
    I might have you beat. I hatched one egg (started with 8 in the bator, some not fertile, others cooked), that I now consider my miracle chick, Miss Peep. Because she's all alone (til she gets big enough to join the others) she's bonded with me and my 8 yo daughter, and is happiest being held. In fact, I have a stuffed animal in the brooder in the corner where I peek in. When I look in there she runs and hops up on the stuffed animal to be picked up. You can imagine the loud peeping she does when we are not paying attention to her!!!

    There are pros and cons to this. I think that she will be the friendliest of the bunch b/c of all this handling, so I don't mind spoiling her [​IMG] However, the loud chirping gets really annoying.... my husband complains the most about this, lol.

    So.....what do you say I make her a chick carrier? Something with a flat bottom that can hang from my neck...a necklace, so to speak, with a chick charm [​IMG] I wore my kids when they were babies (still do sometimes), so that's where this idea came about. Would it do any harm in the long run? Oh, and of course she would have eat/drink breaks. This would be to save our ears from all that chirping and to comfort her.

    Any other ideas are welcome!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I've considered moving her to other areas of the house, but don't want her to be shut away. I have to be careful where I put her too, between my toddlers and our cats. Both potential predators, lol.
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    Well, that might not be good for her to be carried around in a little carrier all day, plus she'll poop in there and then you'll have a stinky necklace...[​IMG]
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    Maybe you could put a mirror in her brooder so she thinks she has a playmate.
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    Jul 11, 2010
    Quote:i like that idea [​IMG]
  5. my4ladies

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Quote:well of course the necklace would be cleaned after each use [​IMG]

    And I actually thought of putting a mirror in there, but didn't have one. I forgot all about that idea. I even went to the store last night to get a feather duster and totally forgot about the whole mirror thing! As soon as hubby gets home I'm running the store. I hope it works!!!

    Nicole~how are your babies?

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