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Oct 14, 2010
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Hi Everyone,

I'm New To This Forum But I Have Been Using The United Peafowl Associations Forum Since Last Year. I Live In Way Down South In Good Ole Southern Louisiana. Like Most I Bought A Pair Of Peafowl And Before I Knew It I Had The Pea-Fever! I Own 18 Peafowl In The Following Colors/Patterns/Species; White, Midnight Blackshoulder White Eye, Blackshoulder, India Blue, Java Green, Silver Pied And Dark Pied Peafowl. I'm No Expert On Peafowl But I Learned A Great Bit So Far And I'm Always Open For Second Opinions. I Have A Website At I Won't Begin To Sale Any Peafowl Until The 2011 Breeding Season. Here Is My Website @t Lots Of Pics And Videos For Your Enjoyment. @ndy
and one more from south Georgia!

would love some midnighjt balckshoulder white eye's too if you raise some of those next spring! to go with my or trade
I have 40 in midnight, midnight black shoulder, opal, opal black shoulder, cameo, java, imperators, white, bronze, bronze white eye
Heya Minx Fox, I got my Java from a local breeder here in louisiana. she lives right outside of baton rogue, la. She also told me of a woman that lives a couple miles from her who also has more javas for sale. I'm stuck with one male and I'm hoping I can find a female in time for breeding season next year. Heya JROOSTER.. I absolutely love new orleans hence the name Andyluvsnola. lol

Boggy Bottom hopefully next year I'll have some baby midnight white eye blackshoulders up for sale/trade. I would love to trade for a cameo hen. I wish i could skip forward to 2012 breeding season so i can have some mightnight white eye blackshoulder silver pieds ... the list keeps going on and on!
tell me about in Andy,
I got most of my stuff as chicks and the wait to start breeding has been killing me.. Have 8 javas, and 4 imperator greens who are getting close, the imperators should produce this year, but may be 1 more on the java, they are only 2, but aside from them Finally this season, everything will be breeder age, so really looking forward to it. My cameos are coming 3 and did well last year too though, so those will be no problem, also get a few cameo white eyes too out of them.
Really been wanting some, midnight bs white eyes to go with mine too though, so definately keep me in mind!

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