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Oct 25, 2021
Hello I'm Angel, I'm new to everything lol I want to tell you all I'm new at owning my own flock but I have been for about 8 months now and they are so big, ill attach photos, so I ended up with 7 hens and 1 roster and 1 hen became Brody and I have had a total of 7 babies hatch from her any way, and they were so spaced out in age that the first 3 were getting pretty big so I wanted to take them to introduce them to the bigger ones but ended up not going so well I ended up waiting until another day and once I felt like it was the right time I took them back but only a few days has been by and now I have 2 dead babies the other one is okay just scared it might got a few places that look like it hurts but I'm unsure butI don't know what happened. But I'll attach photos of how big they all were. But I have a total of 13 and the original 8 came from tractor supply I have no idea what kind they are other than mean. Do I have to many chickens, did I put the younger ones in to soon with the bigger ones? Why did they attack the babies to that point? Also I have 1 Brody hen and all the other hens show some resentment towards her and try to bully her? I have so many questions


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