Angel wing or just hurt?


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8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
Well my six ducks were doing good but now I've noticed one of them has a hurt wing. It's only one of them and it sticks out wierd. I noticed it after my grandma's puppy had been pestering them through the cage and making them all flap around like crazy. He's just about got all of his teenage feathers now. Do you think this could auto correct itself or do I need to do something? There's not a way that I can think to seperate him from the others if say I had to tape it. I know you probably can't help much without a pic so I'll try to get one up here tomorrow. Thanks.
It would help, if you have mentioned the age and a picture. I assume it is around 6 weeks from your description. That is the age angel wing shows. It does need to get corrected with wrapping. And it is the same wrapping for an injured wing. I had a duck fall out of the kiddie pool injuring the wing. Healed up nicely with wrapping.
He'll be 7 weeks old on saturday. And here are the best pics I could get. What do I wrap it with?


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