Angel Wing: what to wrap with? Update: its gone!!

That papery medical tape or vet wrap.
You don't want soemthing that will rip the feathers out when you remove it.
Change tape weekly to allow for growth of the feathers.
I just posted about Q's angelwing in another thread so I'm copying this from there.

I saw all kinds of wing-taping contraptions and methods and I didn't like a single one of them.

Q had angelwing as a youngster, and we did wrap her. We didn't tape the wings, instead we positioned the wings correctly, and wrapped her one time around with vet wrap. Both wings, pulled in correctly against the body. Like this:'




Here were her wings before we started wrapping them:

I changed her wrap daily (sometimes more, occasionally she would slip out of it, but not terribly often) and kept this up until the wings were laying correctly. I always gave her some time "out of the wrap" too, to stretch her wings so they wouldn't become stiff from immobility.
You might get a slippery little duck and have to use duct tape (duck tape?) like I did on one duck. It was pretty awful how some feathers had to get ripped out but after we tried everything and she still wiggled out of it, the duct tape for 2-3 weeks did the trick. I had to change it a few times when she managed to get her legs up in it but the end result was straight wings.
(love the avatar, duckluck,) but I would never use duct tape (or duck tape lol) on a duck or any bird. The adhesive is much too tacky and can remain on the feathers (the ones it doesn't rip out upon removal) and ingested when the ducks preen. If a tape must be used I'd really recommend a veterinary tape of some sort.
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I was having problems keeping vetwrap on my dewlap toulouse after a wing injury, and Gary Overton told me to use electrical tape. It works great.
It's to late now,but to avoid it from happening again. Angel wing is caused by feeding to high of a protein feed. Add corn & wet bread to the feed as a filler.
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You can put vet wrap around the duck, then wrap the vet wrap with duck tape. that should hold for a couple days before you'll have to redo it.

I would at least try to wrap her wings and not give up. Angel wing is not always caused by high protein diets. I think it may have more to do with genes and their predisposition for getting angel wing, sometimes along with a high protein diet. Some ducks can eat all the protein they want and never get angel wing, while others who have limited protein will get it. It's a tricky illness to prevent, but the best thing you can do is wrap her up and hope for the best.
My theory is it is not high protein since protein is not a good source of energy forcing growth. Instead I think it is excessive insulin from either a high glycemic diet (corn based) or a high glycemic load from eating two much concentrates (grains).

Protein was always blammed for fast growth with many growth disorders. Most of them have been proven that it is not the protein.

When you combine a man made diet with fast growing genes you have problems.

What I am wondering, if there is a genetic link, do you breed these birds after you fix the wings?
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