Angelfish, Central Pennsylvania 16823 for sale or trade

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    Jan 7, 2009
    Central Pennsyltucky
    I have six pearlscale albinos, two platinums, one koi and one silver, all standard fin. They're all above quarter size, most are above halfdollar size (if memory serves me correctly with the size of a halfdollar). $5 each or $40 for the group, or best offer.

    I've had a lot of interest in these fish, but nobody ever made final plans. I'm willing to trade, depending on what you've got. I really don't want to travel with these guys, and I definately don't want to ship them, so they're pick up only. May be interested in trades for hatching eggs (species/breed doesn't really matter) or coturnix or button quail chicks. May also be interested in hovabator 1588 (forced air), a hovabator autoturner for this model or quail egg racks for the autoturner, trade and cash to even up. [​IMG]

    If interested, please let me know soon, they'll probably be going to the petstore next week if I don't hear anything.


    Pearlscale, koi and platinum, left to right

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