Angle during Incubating


11 Years
Mar 22, 2008
I am still a bit confused as to how hens eggs should be turned.
The consensus seems to be: keep the big end at the top, rotate 45 degrees.

Please could someone confirm if either of these is the ideal for hens eggs?



I am tempted to try incubating, but would only wish to hatch hens (3 or 4 for egg laying).
I don't have much use for roosters, plus they will cause noise, and may create other issues (???)

Does anyone have a solution other than euthenasia?
Most autoturners turn the eggs through 90 degrees maximum.

Some using rolling arrangements do more, but 90 degrees is usually quite enough.

(ie ... the second drawing)
I haven't heard about rotating eggs a certain number of degrees. I have always just turned them over.

Think of the mama chicken. The eggs lay under her on the side and she haphazardly rolld them around during the day and night. There is no angle to speak of. Turners are designed to rotate the eggs just enough to keep the yolk for settling. As long as the large end is even slightly elevated they will be fine.

It is interesting to note that the better incubators are designed with the eggs laying on the side and they are rolled back and forth in that position. At least this is true of the TX-6 and 7 and the RollX. I am not sure about the Brinsea or R- Com but If I remember the photos the eggs lay on the side.

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