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    I have had chickens now for a year that includes a RIR pair, barred rocks and some easter eggers, all of which are very nice and have never had any problems with people. My friend got a flock of RIR that consisted of 1 rooster and 18 hens from his grandpa. When I went and checked them out I was attacked by the rooster and chased all around the barn which brought me to the this question... is there a way to make an angry rooster not so angry? I didn't have this problem ever with mine so I have no experience with pesty chickens like my friend's.
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    He's just an aggressive rooster. It does seem like RIR roosters tend to be more prone to aggression than some other breeds.

    You'll need to assert yourself to show dominance. That may mean grabbing him up and pinning him down for him to submit. If you are seriously afraid, a squirt gun works well to keep him away.
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    Will dominance make him stop attacking or more aggresive.?
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    It might I repeat might make him stop attacking. But certainly you'll be less tired then running around the barn. He more and likely will always be that aggressive. After you have pinned him he may walk around for a while and then decide to try again. So be ready to do it again. Of you don't visit him often, it may never sink into his bird brain that he should not attack you. Your friend will have to watch that rooster when he has visitors.
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    Since you've already run from him, he's now dominate to you. Some roosters would literally rather die than submit, once they've established dominance. Since he's not your bird, I would just not be around him and let your friend deal with it. If that means not going over there, so be it. It would be a poor friend to choose a mean rooster over a person!

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