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May 9, 2009
Let me first say I already know the rules here, if this thread gets locked- oh well.
I am angry and very very upset with the way people are cruel. I woke up again to the sound of the coon hound dog and their rat terriers going crazy. I knew deep down what was going on but my stupid curiousity made me look this time. My neighbors are trapping opposums/racoons then setting them out in their yard and having their dogs go at them...while laughing and video recording this. Now for pete's sake, what is the matter with you people- kill it, kill it, thats all I hear...we have the brains, lock your chickens up! My neighbors don't even have any critters, they just like watching an animal be brutally killed. I'd like to see them have a cougar attack them as slowly and inhumanly as they just did to these guys. Give me a break people- lock up your animals and quit making the first words come out of your mouth as kill. I don't care about the rules here right now...if you ain't gonna eat it and kill it quickly, dont kill. What the heck is the matter with you people? I am setting my own traps now to try to get to the critters before my neighbors and I will move them way into the mountains and NO they will not come back (to those that say they will.) I do not understand people, we are the most inhumane creatures around!
Do you live in East TN by chance? I am a proud coon hunter myself and you may very well have witnessed me and my hunting buddies training our hounds. We HAVE to use live coons to train with. Or I suppose we could use "stray" cats and put scent on them. I also pick up road kill(have permit) to give to the pups not old enough to be put with a live coon that could kill them to get them used to the smell and look. Then they look at all coons as toys. Using the live ones lets us know if the dog will back away from the noises or if it will attack and do what its supposed too. We also get very happy when our dogs do what they are being trained to do and yes we film them doing a good job. I also send videos of our dogs to potential buyers to prove that they are worth the money people are paying for them. We have people from as far as Texas that become interested in our dogs and can't afford to drive or fly out here to TN and try them out themselves so we film them and send them the info they need to make their decisions. Believe me when I say that a coon has more than a fair chance against a dog. I have witnessed one of my Grand Night Champions be fatally attacked by a coon.

Also any coons you catch and release yourself may still suffer the same fate. Coon hunters are everywhere and set traps in the woods to catch coons.
grandpa got a huge coon to let loose on his hounds a couple years ago, a total of 5 "puppies" (they were about 7-8 months.. Fair sized hounds). Coon whipped them all and ran down in the woods. he got away which was fine.. Grandpa was just seeing how'd they react.
grandpa got a huge coon to let loose on his hounds a couple years ago, a total of 5 "puppies" (they were about 7-8 months.. Fair sized hounds). Coon whipped them all and ran down in the woods. he got away which was fine.. Grandpa was just seeing how'd they react.

EXACTLY!! They can defend themselves. We start our pups on live at 7-8 months too.
I am an avid hunter/trapper, and while I do not have coon hounds, it sounds like your neighbor was training his dogs. It isn't pretty, but thats the way it has to be. Some coon hunters train with roll cages (fairly expensive round cages that house a coon and roll around for the dog to chase but not quite "get at") Some just do it the old fashioned way- what you're describing. As ravencreek said, most will video their sires/dams doing what they do best, so they can send a video of the "breeding stock" to potential puppy buyers. Or, they were training someone else's dog and maybe wanted to video the progress. Either way, it's just the way it is. Coon hunting is something that has been around for many, many years- and used to be a way of life for many people when coon hides brought good money- and probably even put food on the table for alot of people. It is tradition and there are far more people out there that enjoy it than you realize.

BYC is a place for everyone to share their oppinions- so next time try to omit saying things like "Give me a break people" and "What the heck is the matter with you people?" You may get a better response if you simply respect other's opinions, and remember that yours is not the only opinion and does not make other's opinions/values wrong.
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Heartless and cruel...I've already talked with them, told them it really bothers me and asked if they could not do that while I was home or go to the river, they agreed. If they continue it I WILL report them to the company that owns these houses who I know will not tolerate it and the humane society. I did like them as neighbors, they are pleasant to talk to but now it will only be a "hey," "hi," thats all. People who kill/torture animals arn't exactly what makes for a good human being. Excuses as its been around forever and there is tons of us arn't good grandpa did the same thing to animals and now he deeply regrets it. So to you I say, keep on setting your dogs on them and I'll keep reporting you. I have been, so far, too nice to the neighbors about this. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR LOGIC TO TORTURE-THERE'S NO REASONABLE EXCUSE. As far as "there is tons of you out there" like you stated, that means nothing. There was tons of KKK out there but did that make it alright for them to hang/torture those of color? I think not.
People also forget the Black panthers which killed those of "Non color" (Saying color is quite racist i think, everyone is a "color" Unless you're invisible), Im alright with you not agreeing with coon hunting, personally i don't do it/know anything about it.. just don't really like people comparing animals to humans, OR getting in other peoples business.. It's one thing to dislike something. But to medal in someones business when it's not even illegal and then threaten to report someone you don't even know is wrong in my opinion.. Now if it's on you're property.

Against the law, Or a endangerment to SOMEONE.. Then by all means report it. But to ruin family traditions, Hobbies, or just favorite activities that are completely legal all because you don't agree with it is wrong and selfish.
It's not legal!!! Its torture!!! I don't tell on my other neighbor for growing/selling his pot, if I really wanted to get involved in their business- I'd report that. Who gives a hoot about tradition when it comes to torture. So now I've said what I've said, you've said what you've ones gonna see eye to eye- I am outa here. p.s.Enjoy kill'en...what goes around, come's around!!
While I neither agree nor disagree with the training of coon dogs, isn't the point, the point is the dogs must be trained properly.
and I am sorry if it disturbs you,( it does me also).
It is an acceptable practice to train this way.
I do not believe the Humane $ociety will see it any differently.
I honestly do not know or understand why you are bringing it to the board here.
Yes you are entitled to your opinion, your dislikes, and your mortification.
Other people are also entitled to theirs and the accepted methods of training their animals.
to ask a person to wait to train when your not home is a bit presumptuous of you.
when are you not at home? how many hours are you not there?Are you away all weekends of a month?
To ask someone to conform to your schedule/ dislikes is wrong.
Think about how you would feel if a neighbor didn't like something you were doing, and asked you to "wait" till they were not at home, and please don't tell me you would conform to their wishes.

bottom line is, they raise coon hunting dogs, they need to be trained, likely they are a licensed breeder/ trainer, keeping and using wild animals needs a permit in just about every state.
You do have options though.
You can make an enemy of the neighbors, You could move to a less disturbing location.
If you were to have a coon problem ( praying you never have to see that) I just bet those dogs would make quick work of the invader.
10 to 1 if there was a catastrophic emergency those dogs will sound off alerting that owners to the problem, likely saving your life.
Well trained coon hounds sound off at any disturbances, whether it is animal or of a natural disaster.

Trapping and relocating wild life is a fine looking to happen, its illegal in just about every state with out a permit.

This subject will forever be a controversial issue. and honestly has no place on this board or this particular part of the forum,
this section is how to deal with predators, new ideas are always welcome and a lot of old ideas for taking care of the problem predators need to be refreshed for people.
There are other sites out there that handle this type of posting. I think maybe you would be better off discussing it there rather than here.

these are my opinions on this subject.
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