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  1. birdnutz

    birdnutz Songster

    Mar 6, 2007
    New neighbors moved in a couple weeks ago. !st day they let their dogs run loose. They have a little dwarf goat tied up and the dogs beat the crap out of and rape this poor goat. Called the sherriff 5 days ago,guess they went to the wrong house,DIL called yesterday afternoon,sherriff disregaurded call(because they don't own a goat)at the wrong house. Called this morning again,gave my number and addrress,sherriff is down talking to the now. Hopefully something will be done. But of course now they'll know who called. Making enemies of the neighbors doesn't make me comfortable at all. But couldn't think of a better way without the poor thing suffering anymore.
  2. Hotwings

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    Jan 27, 2007
    southwestern Michigan
    These people don't deserve to own a goat. To bad someone doesn't sneak over and steal this little guy before it gets killed by these dogs!
  3. FluffyChickenMama

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I hope your law enforcement system there is better for animals than the one here. You can call them til your face turns blue and they dont care and will pretty much tell you that on the phone. Good Luck...
  4. Southern28Chick

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    Apr 16, 2007
    If the cops wouldn't do anything about it I would go over in the middle of the night and steal it! I would then hide it at a relative's house until I could find it a home.

    I just want to smack people like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. birdnutz

    birdnutz Songster

    Mar 6, 2007
    Well sherriff just left,they still have the goat. I didn't even see him go look at the poor thing. He has lop ears that are all torn up(healed) but they have been half torn off. I asked about them when the goat got loose and I led him back down there.(boy was that mean of me) He said that they'd been that way a long time. I assumed that maybe he'd been attacked in the past.Didn't relise that it still was an ongoing problem. I would imagine that he has sores on his back legs from being drug around by them. Well hopefully the talk from the sherriff will be enough to stop this. Or they're going to get real tired of me calling in complaints.
  6. nccatnip

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Piedmont area NC
    I used to be concerned making that type of call and being identified. Now I could care less. I figure if they know who called, they know where I stand.
    Do you have a local animal control or humane society to call and report it as cruelty?
    Your other option other than stealing the poor thing is offering to take it off their hands. They probably don't want it and may possibly give it to you.
    I would try that avenue, and if nothing changes I would keep calling the sheriff until they were sick of hearing from me.
  7. marie_martin

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    Feb 21, 2007
    Grenada, MS
    Well, we have some new neighbors across the street and when my husband walks our dog on a leash outside, that dog is outside and not on a leash and tries to come across the street. They call him back just before he gets in the road, but one day that dog is going to keep going. I worry that he will somehow get into my goat pens or my chicken pen. And on the weekends, I let my chickens free range while we are home. I can't be outside all day, but I do keep watch. But I still worry. I have called the animal control twice now and will keep doing it each time we see him off his leash. They live right on the road and we live back off the road quite a bit and we still use a leash. Our dog does not get to just run around the yard free because we don't have a fence and we don't want to chance him getting to the road. You are right, they don't deserve to own a goat or any other animal and you should keep calling.

  8. newchickowner

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Yes, call the humane society or an organization that will charge them with animal cruelty.

    I have a neighbor that has a goat steaked out in their back yard. No dogs bother him thank goodness or I'd call on them too, but imagine my shock when I found their last goat's remains just outside my property line. They apparently raise it to slaughter. Your neighbors maybe doing the same and don't give a rats...... about the goat. It still shouldn't be allowed to be attacked.
  9. birdnutz

    birdnutz Songster

    Mar 6, 2007
    Local law enforcement are the only ones that enforce animal cruelty around here. Even to slaughter it would be better than what it's going through. I thought about trying to buy it,but I don't think they'd sell it(especially now) childrens pet and all that you know. Their 2 dogs not only run around their yard,but the whole subdivision. Luckly my dog keeps them off of our property. They have a grey and white one that is TOTALLY unmannered. When I led the goat back he jumped all over me and scratched me pretty badly. WIth the neighbor watching the whole time. He never once corrected the dog. The same one that leads the attack and rape of the goat.
    Well time will tell if the talk did any good. I don't understand how these people could turn a blind eye to this. I can understand people raising animals for meat(I eat meat). But I don't understand people that allow cruelty. Especially with little children around to see it. I thought we were put on earth and given the responsebilities as caretakers of animals. It just makes me sick to my stomach.
  10. silkiechicken

    silkiechicken Staff PhD

    That is just sad. Even if someone is raising meat, the meat deserves to live a good live. I raise chickens for meat, I make sure they have a good life! They come up to me and are happy to see me every day oblivious of their fate. Hope that goat gets some sort of help.

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