Animal control at my door this morning

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by Mnkytales, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Aug 14, 2008
    Well I was talking quietly to folks in city hall to change the ordinances in Buffalo - but not fast enough...which is a laugh when nothing happens fast in city hall. But now someone has turned me in and I have 24 hours to find a home for my 5 hens. Irony is that I live with constant drug dealers all around the city of Buffalo, vacant homes with squatters and the police don't round them up in 24 hours. Oh no - they are allowed to stay and continue to cause blight in my neighborhood. My husband and I chose to move in this city and work to try and bring back the beauty and have started neighborhood clean up programs, gardens and a co-op nursery business down the street - but can't have these 5 hens. If there is anyone out there in the area of Buffalo that can help me to house them - please let me know. I'm trying to remain calm - but can't think straight right now. My neighbors all love the girls, so the down and dirty is that someone turned me in to personally hurt me. Don't know which thought I have the hardest time dealing with - that or the loss of girls that I love.
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    Sounds like Southeast,Louisiana. There are a lot of mean misarable humans in this world. I live in a small place North of I-12 same type of surroundings,all the same type of activities luckly we at least have a mixed community of mostly people who do have animals(poultry,horses,cattle,goats,dogs cats ect...) If you notice a trend to where people who abide by laws are the ones getting hurt. If laws mean nothing to you, know problem. I don't know what too say you have to go under ground if you want animals. All it takes is one to complaint. If you read more in this colume you will notice the laws and activities surrounding sm. family type farms or even supplying some of your own food. The feds don't want. I'm sad for you.[​IMG]
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    I hear ya. Same thing with me down here in s. florida. Like you said, nothing ever happens quickly with city hall. Hubby and I went to our commissioners meeting this past Tuesday, now they didn't tell us right then we had to get rid of our girls. The Mayor told me "thank you for the information" I gave them all a "packet" of different articles about backyard chickens, BUT, it still doesn't stop the ACO from coming around. Don't law enforcement have better things to do with their time, then come after us, the people with chickens in their back yards? Please, give me a break! I feel very bad for you, as I'm in the same boat, and I do know what it feels like. All it takes is one bad apple, and my bad apple happens to be next door, but he thinks we don't know it. Yeah, right. Please keep us posted. I wish the best for you and your babies. [​IMG]

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