Animal Control Common Sense!


11 Years
Dec 13, 2010
Our new batch of chicks had a roo, and he started crowing young (about 6 weeks). Our neighbor started complaining not long thereafter (we had a roo several months ago that we finally re-homed after months of complaining--not one word of thanks after he was gone). Two weeks ago an Animal Control Notice showed up. I called and they told me they had to schedule a visit to observe the animal, yada yada. I also started putting the cockerel in a dog crate in the garage at night, so there's no way our neighbor can hear him until 7:30 or so when we put him back in the coop.

The officer visit finally happened today. What a breath of fresh air! The officer said we live in an agricultural neighborhood where everyone has chickens and roosters, and it's our neighbor who is being unreasonable. Nevertheless, they still have to do their job and log the complaint and the visit. If the complaints keep coming, it could escalate to court, but the officer said even if that happens, it'll be no problem, we'll just go and show how we treat the birds well and it's all allowed in the neighborhood. So while I could now tell the neighbor to pound sand and stop the garage program, I think I'll still try to be a good neighbor. Of course, I also found out the neighbor wants it quiet until 10 am (he has odd hours), but there's no way I'm keeping our roo boxed up that long.

So after my wife and I sweated having to deal with the authorities, we have a happy ending!


8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
good for you. I too had a visit from our local officials and they found me in full compliance. I had a breath of fresh air from winning, but my hubby warned me it wasnt over. ended up fighting the HOA but won.


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
That's a great story! Better to rise above the neighbor than sink to her/his level! The noise ordinance in my town ends at 7am- but I try to give everyone that extra hour and not release the flock til 8. But there is NO way I'd wait til 10. I've worked graveyard shifts and long hours and yeah it sucks trying to sleep while the neighbors are having a pool party- but I would never EXPECT them to change their life to accomodate mine!

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